TRO Token Conversion Event

(Last Updated : Jan 01, 2020)

When? Nov 1, 2019
What? Token Conversion Event, GCR to TRO (1:1)
Where do I buy GCR? You can buy GCR now on Yobit or CryptoBridge

How long do I have? The TCE will last 60 days, ending Dec 31, 2019 

**EXTENDED TO JAN 14 2020**

How do I convert my GCR? Sign up to be a merchant or consumer here (top right of the page) where you can deposit your GCR and convert to TRO in the wallet section (as of August 1st). You must convert your GCR to TRO manually as you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the TCE. Step-by-step instructions will be made available to all community members, both crypto beginners, and experts. 

Why GCR? When the TREOS project was first conceived, the intention was to use the publicly known cryptocurrency, Global Currency Reserve (GCR) as the fuel token for the project. As we moved into the development phase, it became clear that, without an active development team, the GCR coin would not provide an adequate foundation for TREOS on which to build its platform as the developer had abandoned the project, leaving the network unsupported. As an EOS-based Token, TRO therefore offers functionality above and beyond GCR, delivering greater value that is backed by utility to token holders, partners, merchants and all ecosystem players. Most importantly, TRO tokens can hold a stable price to facilitate e-commerce use cases, encourage transparency, and can be easily updated upon community consensus as the technological landscape progresses. 

**TREOS has no current or previous affiliation or ownership of the GCR coin development/network 

What is the value of TRO? All TREOS tokens are anchored to values of gold. The TRO token is anchored to the stable value of 1g of gold (currently $45 USD).

How do I sell my TRO? You will be able to sell your TRO in our new economy through the TREOS Fuel Store. TRO acquired by the GCR conversion event can only be sold through the fuel store via the “TRO UBI wallet”. Customers who are interested in buying items on the marketplace platform will purchase your TRO using other cryptocurrencies in the store (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc). They will use this TRO in exchange for items or services, then the merchant can either use this TRO to do the same OR can sell through the fuel store for other cryptos.

This seems too good to be true! This TCE is a vital part of fueling our economy and we are depending on our Community to help. As a GCR holder, you are the catalyst to many components of functionality within the ecosystem. Without the opportunity to convert GCR to TRO, we would not have the ability for users to buy and sell items, making your participation in this event essential. We believe in freedom of success and TREOS wants everyone to be able to benefit from our efforts.

What are the risks? Having the opportunity for our users to purchase GCR as an open market coin on an exchange minimises risk due to the fact they are able to buy and sell as they see fit. One item to note would be that if TCE (Token Conversion Event) participants do not convert their GCR coins before the 60-day period concludes, they then lose the opportunity of gains in an improved utility token with updated infrastructure and network capabilities. TREOS is not affiliated with GCR coin in any way and does not manage its blockchain.

*Full Terms & Conditions will be available upon commencement of the TCE. This opportunity should not be considered financial advice. You do not need to partake in the TREOS TCE to use the TREOS Marketplace and Ecosystem.