The TREOS Wishlist

 Get READY for the TREOS WishList !
Starting December 

Welcome to the TREOS Wishlist. 

In order to take full advantage of our online services, you will need to register with your Name, Email Address and Password. To get started, all you will need to do is update your User Profile details and complete our built-in ID Verification process.

List an Item

See something online that you would like to purchase, but you can't find the item anywhere that will accept Crypto?

Copy the URL of any item and submit it to our listing page!
Select an image, confirm the listing details and Submit!  It's that simple..

Once your listing is approved it will be visible to all TREOS users and will be available for another TREOS user to purchase on your behalf.  

As a Wish Maker you have the opportunity to offer a reward to other TREOS users to fulfill your wish. Upon listing your item you will be required to submit the total listing amount plus bonus and fee, which will then be held in escrow until the completion of the Wishlist contract.

Purchase an Item

Want to Earn Rewards for fulfilling a wish?

Select an item from the TREOS Wishlist and complete the purchase by using fiat (credit-card or other online payment method) to earn TRO rewards.

As a Wish Purchaser it is your responsibility to purchase the listed item and ensure it's safely delivered, once the item is received by the Wish Maker the funds held in escrow will be released.

Escrow System

Ensuring safety and security for both parties.  

The TREOS Wishlist Escrow System is designed to act as a 3rd party signature and resolution centre for all Wishlist contracts between the Wish Maker and Wish Purchaser.

For more info on the TREOS Wishlist, check out our How Does it Work page !