How Does it Work ?

Summary: The TREOS Wishlist provides a very useful service for people who want to spend their cryptocurrency online. It’s easy to use and provides access to online items that are not yet available via merchants accepting cryptocurrency.

The basics

The TREOS Wishlist is an online marketplace that brings together people who want to buy TREOS tokens with others who want to purchase items online with TREOS tokens. 

A TREOS user can purchase an item for another TREOS user and gain rewards for doing so. 

TREOS tokens can be purchased or sold for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS etc in the TREOS Fuel store.

To sum it up as simply as possible, let’s say a user named Alice, has seen a $50 swimsuit online and wants to buy it using TREOS tokens, but the site doesn’t accept payment in TREOS tokens or any type of cryptocurrency.

On TREOS, a user called Bob is willing to buy the swimsuit for Alice using his credit card or PayPal account and ship the item to her nominated address, in return for her TREOS tokens. 

Alice would really like to buy that swimsuit as soon as possible but knows, exchanging cryptocurrency to fiat currency just means losing capital and it could possibly take days before her fiat currency is spendable. Instead Alice is willing to offer a reward for someone to purchase that item for her in exchange for her TREOS tokens. Therefor she lists the swimsuit on the TREOS Wishlist and offers a reward to purchase the item, the TREOS Wishlist sets a minimum default of a 3% reward offering however a user can offer as high as a 8% bonus.

At the time of listing the swimsuit in the TREOS Wishlist, Alice would need to have enough TREOS tokens in her wallet to cover the cost of the item (including the shipping cost, the reward to the purchaser and the TREOS Wishlist listing fee (2%)
). The TREOS tokens will be held in escrow from the time of listing, until the listing is cancelled or the listing is completed.
For the security of both the Wish Maker and Wish Purchaser, the TREOS tokens are secured in escrow until the item is received by the Wish Maker. TREOS provides a 24/7 resolution centre to handle any disputes and a built-in verification system to enable users to transact without a third party. If treated correctly both parties can have a need fulfilled by the service that is hard or impossible to find elsewhere.