About the TREOS Marketplace

The Phase 1 Online Marketplace Platform is the core distribution of the new TREOS Ecosystem.   

It is a place to set the precedence of our new economy for the people and a place for merchants and members to advertise their products and businesses.  

It consists of:  

  • Member management system and dashboard  
  • AML and KYC compliant processes  
  • Affiliate marketing systems  
  • Bounty systems  
  • Merchant stores and product showcase  
  • Performance-based ranking system for buyers and sellers  
  • Special featured products area  
  • TREOS Wish List  
  • TREOS Fuel Store to buy and sell TVFAs  
  • Advertising capabilities  
  • Ability to integrate with partner APIs, software, and systems.  

For more information on TREOS, please visit https://treos.com  

What is TREOS    

TREOS is an Economy and an Ecosystem. 
TREOS is a direct reference to the ‘decentralised money’ that will power a new economy.   

In the future, the term ‘TREOS’ will become synonymous with cryptocurrency and VirtualFinancial Assets (VFAs), their payment methods, their ecosystem, and their general use as both a utility and a store of value. 

Today, however, TREOS introduces itself incrementally, using proof-of-concept stages and coordinated, multi-directional implementations throughout the financial sector, both online and offline.

The TREOS economy and ecosystem have been designed to operate upon concepts of universal consensus, anchored to the stable price of gold, which effectively removes volatility from the cryptocurrency market - one of the biggest existing obstacles to cryptocurrency mass adoption. 

TREOS is also well-matched with the legislative development of the VFA sector, designed for ultimate future compatibility with regulatory frameworks, auditing requirements, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation, and KnowYour Customer (KYC) requirements. 

Our intention is to have TREOS positioned for mass adoption in line with global policy implementations. 

Furthermore, TREOS believes passionately that all blockchain technologies should be regulated primarily by the people they serve, and we are advocates of fair and transparent policy development that retains the rights of the people to prosper and contribute within a democratic and ethical global economy.

There is a race happening for ownership of the blockchain, and TREOS has dedicated itself to ensuring that our new, digital economy will be owned and guided by the people who give it its value.